Healthy Looking Skin


Here's everything you need to know for healthy, clear skin -- whether yours is oily, dry, or somewhere in between.

What kind of skin are you in? It's never too soon to begin a healthy skincare regimen, even months before your wedding. So with our help, you can become your own skincare expert.

The Essentials for Oily Skin...

Keep a variety of products designed for oily skin on hand, so you have options at your fingertips for whatever you face in the mirror. In the summertime, you may be drier on the surface, but oily underneath. Around the holidays, you might be extra oily. The key is to have a range of products at home, so they're available the moment you need them.

Use a gentle gel formula. Rinse carefully, counting at least 10 splashes. (If it's winter, or if you have been spending lots of time in airplanes, your skin may behave more like normal-to-dry skin, in which case you may want to switch temporarily to a more creamy cleanser.)

Avoid toners containing alcohol, as they can dry the surface of your skin, blocking impurities beneath the surface. Overdrying the skin is one of the biggest mistakes women with oily skin make. Toners with AHAs are a better choice because they help smooth skin's texture and prevent clogged pores. Cucumber water, applied with a clean cotton pad, is another good option.

While moisturizing might seem counterintuitive with oily skin, it will actually prevent extra oil and pimples (because if skin is too dry it's natural oil production goes into overdrive). Look for an oil-free product or a mattifying cream made specifically for oily skin -- it dries matte on the skin, minimizing larger pores and smoothing surface texture imperfections. If you are drier around your eyes (most people are), apply a richer cream to that area at night. And if your skin is extra, extra oily, skip the moisturizer during the day, and just use an oil-free version at night.

Makeup Remover:
Before washing your face in the evening, use a non-oily makeup remover on a clean cotton pad to wipe away mascara, liner, shadow, even lipstick. Oily removers can aggravate the eyes and cause makeup to run down your face.

Sometimes oily skin has a hard upper layer, so regular exfoliation is essential to keeping it soft and unclog pores. Use a gentle, grainy scrub twice weekly, concentrating on blackhead-prone areas like the nose and chin.

A good clay mask, used once a week, is great for oily, acne-prone skin -- especially in the summer.

Deep-cleansing facials are good for cleaning out blackheads (just be prepared for a little pain as the facialist presses the impurities from your face).

The Essentials for Normal-to-Dry Skin Types.....

Fight flakes and prevent fine lines with this regimen for normal-to-dry skin types.

Use a creamy cleanser that rinses off with water. Steer clear of tissue-off creams, which can leave a residue. You may even consider using a gel cleanser once a week for a more thorough cleansing, or just switch to the gel cleanser in hot humid weather.

You don't need a toner, but when using one apply an extremely gentle formula (such as rosewater) with a clean cotton pad to prime your skin for moisturizer. Or use a toner only in the summer.

Make sure your moisturizer is rich, but absorbs completely into your skin. If your skin feels taut five minutes after application, either the moisturizer formula is not rich enough, or you applied it too sparingly. At night, use heavier moisturizing cream. If you have especially dry spots, use an AHA lotion all over your face, and a richer hydrating cream on the dry patches. Remember, you don't have to treat your whole face in the same way.

Use a creamy, moisturizing formula, and make sure your powder is silky and light. Tinted moisturizer is a good summer option, but be sure to use a light facial lotion first.

Choose creamy formulas for shadows and blushes. The trick is to apply cream blush just after foundation, then dust on face powder and apply another dab of blush on top.

Lip Balm:
When lips are dry, use a lip balm that does not contain camphor -- a common ingredient that is meant to be drying and healing to open sores. Instead, coat lips with a noncamphor balm as a base, then slick on a creamy lipstick. Carry balm with you and reapply as necessary.

Eye Cream:
A must, as it's slightly richer than face cream and when this area gets dry any fine lines are more noticeable. Apply all around your eye area, every day, both in the morning and at night.

Use a creamy scrub packed with AHAs -- especially good for combating dehydrated skin and unevenness in skin's texture -- but only if your skin does not become red and irritated after use.

Skip clay masks and opt for a hydrating, creamy formula instead.

A hydrating facial will make your face glow and is especially beneficial if you've been traveling a lot.

Consult a Professional
This is a great time to consult a professional skin care expert and discuss your skin-care goals and bridal beauty plan. Just as dieting and exercising yields best results for weight loss, using the appropriate bridal beauty products together with the right skin treatments will yield the best results for your skin and help avoid last minute breakouts. A deep cleansing facial and gentle peel should help rebalance, cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate your skin, making a dramatic difference to help you obtain picture-perfect skin.

Healthy Looking Hair


The details of wedding planing are stressful enough; the last thing you need is to have stressed hair causing your hair to lack shine and fullness on your big day. Therefore, making sure you eat healthy and nourish your body is essential for healthy hair.

Here are a few hair care tip’s for healthy hair on your big day:

1. Use a natural-bristle brush, it is softer and more flexible, which means less damage to your hair.

2. Your hair is its most fragile when wet, so avoid excessive brushing or combing until it's most dry.

3. After conditioning, rinse your hair with cold water. This helps to seal the cuticle, making it harder for moisture to enter the hair follicle, which can leave your hair dry.

4. Stress, smoking, and bad eating habits can make your hair dull and prone to breakage.

5. Revive your curls with dry shampoo. Simply spritz your hair and run your fingers through as if you were pulling it up into a ponytail.

6. Taking care of longer tresses requires frequent trims (every six to eight weeks) and conditioning the ends every other day to prevent dry out.

7. Always try to opt for the warm setting on your dryer and hold the dryer 6 to 8 inches from your tresses. Be sure to point the airflow down on the hair shaft to prevent frizz.

8. Make an appointment with your stylist to talk about the target color you desire to be on your wedding day.

Wedding Tips


Deciding on a strapless gown, sari or a lengha is important before picking out your hairstyle and Makeup look.

Do you go with an accessorized updo, a braided twist, loose luxurious curls, or clip on extensions to add length. The choices are endless and can get overwhelming.

1. Show and tell.
On the day of your hair trial, bring anything you think will help your me understand the looks you love or the style of your wedding. Have a friend take a photo of you in your dress at a fitting. Bring a swatch of fabric if you think that will help. Bring pictures of brides, celebrities, models -- anyone whose look inspires you. Pinterest is a great tool.

2. Enhance your unique beauty.
When you’re finding pictures to show your stylist, try to find ones that don’t stray too far from your own look and style. If you are the kind of girl who loves having her hair down and flowing, maybe you don’t want to go for a sleek updo -- and vice versa. I think it’s best to go with the look you normally go for when you dress up for an occasion, and then glam it up a notch for your wedding day.

3. Accessorize.
There are so many great hair accessories available now to add a gorgeous accent to your wedding hair. It will depend on the look you’re going for. For a more classical look, you might want to wear a Swarovski crystal brooch. For my Asian brides try to pick a head piece that dose not over power your facial features .
Some of my favorites accessorize are bird-cage veils, fresh orchid flowers, feathers, bohemian headband look.

5. Extend yourself.
Don’t shy away from having hair extensions for your wedding day, And no one needs to know -- it can be our secret! Extensions are great if you want a little more length or fullness, or if you or your artist is worried about your hair holding a particular style all through your wedding day. Even if your own hair falls, the extensions won’t.

6. Continue with Regular Haircuts.
If your hair is very long or unlayered, it can be difficult to manage and style, limiting the looks we can show you at your trial. We canto do a haircut before the trial if needed, avoid having a cut too close to your wedding.

7. Look after those Locks.
Pay special attention to hair care in the months before your trial and wedding, if your hair is lacking shine a simple gloss can enhance color and depth. We can help If you’re unsure of the best products and care for your hair type.

8. Be product-free on the day.
On your trial day and wedding day, have clean, dry hair. Avoid using a lot of conditioner that morning, especially a leave-in one. Stay away from silkening products that weigh your hair down and make it slippery to work with.

9. Opt for a Bun.
Most Indian brides opt to tie up their ‘chunari’ over their hair; as a result the hairstyle is often not visible at all. In such a case, brides can opt for a large bun or four layered bun, plaits or a chignon which are quite easy to carry. And will help lighten the weight of the chunari, the key is your comfort: you should not have to worry about hair slipping out of pins or your chunari sliding down, so keep things as simple and as comfortable as possible.

10. Night is just as important as day.
On your trial day and wedding day, have clean dry hair. At night, use a nourishing eye make-up remover along with cleanser. Use a moisturizer daily, morning and night - your skin needs nourishment just like your body does! A hydrating serum with peptides will add moisture, boost collagen, and give you that bridal glow.